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Anger Problems

In the course of couple counseling excessive anger sometimes is identified as an issue requiring individual attention. The feeling of anger, like all feelings, is a natural part of a relationship. However, when anger is expressed in intimidating and defensive ways, it interferes with open communication. Anger work is done in individual sessions coordinated with the couple counseling.

In these sessions the goal is to help individuals recognize the particular factors that trigger their anger, how angry feelings can build up and intensify, and how their expression interferes with safety and trust. Clients learn to interrupt their anger pattern before it becomes disruptive or out of control. Most important, they work to identify underlying painful feelings, such as fear, humiliation and hurt, which are being expressed as anger. They learn to express these core feelings in an open, vulnerable way without resorting to defensive anger.

If you would like to discuss your situation and schedule an appointment, please call or email Larry at any time. He's here to help!

Please note that this work with anger problems is done in conjunction with our relationship therapy. It is not a "program or "class" and is not designed or intended to meet court or probation requirements.