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Building Strong Relationships and Self Confidence

Couple Counseling

Kathy Kinsey and Larry Lease are both skilled relationship therapists. With over 30 years experience, each has helped hundreds of couples develop more effective communication skills and conflict resolution strategies.

When couples first come to counseling they frequently tell us they are discouraged and feel stuck. Many have been having the same fight over and over; others are barely talking. Our approach employs proven strategies to enable couples to regain trust, respect and intimacy in their relationship.

In couple counseling you learn to:

Build strong communication skills. Understand your own needs and feelings and express them without fear or shame. Respond to your partner with empathy.

Work out differences with "fair fights." Resolve conflicts with mutual respect and understanding.

Interrupt cycles of distress. Recognize escalating tensions before they lead to criticizing, arguing or shutting down. Be on the same team.

Create positive expectations. Allow each partner to feel cared about, understood and loved. Open your hearts with generosity, compassion and forgiveness.

Using research-based methods we help couples pinpoint key problem areas and implement solutions quickly and effectively. We start by identifying dysfunctional communication patterns, such as blaming, criticizing, threatening or expressing contempt. We help each partner to (1) develop clear, honest ways of expressing needs and feelings, and (2) listen with increased empathy and compassion. As partnership and teamwork are restored, the couple can engage more effectively in making decisions and solving problems of everyday life.

In the initial 4 to 6 sessions we meet weekly with both partners together. (When it is deemed useful, one or more individual visits will also be scheduled with each partner.) During these visits we develop an understanding of the relationship's problems, strengths, and communication patterns, and then establish mutually agreed-upon goals. We continue working on a weekly or biweekly basis, emphasizing honest, forthright dialogue that will enable partners to resolve differences with mutual respect and caring.

The length of the counseling process varies depending on the complexity of the couple's needs and their rate of progress. Many couples are satisfied with the goals they have reached after four to six months. Others continue considerably longer, deepening their insights, intimacy and emotional growth.

Our objective for each couple is to start you on a lifelong process of working and playing together more effectively, with courage, self-confidence and an open heart.

If you would like to discuss your situation and schedule an appointment, please call or email Kathy or Larry at any time. We're here to help!

Studies show that chronic marital conflict is a leading cause of:

  • depression
  • decreased work productivity
  • health problems
  • emotional difficulties in children.